When Krystyna Stevenson arrived in England from her native Poland during the time of Solidarity she was already in possession of an Honours Degree in Language and Literature from Lodz University. Also, she was already a well-known TV personality, (journalist and TV presenter) and was involved in the Polish film industry in the capacity of Assistant Director.

In England, she continued her academic career by obtaining an Honours Degree in Psychology and later also independent Diplomas in Counselling Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, and was working as a Psychotherapist in London.

Some of her Psychological studies were published in the American Journal of Psychology and produced a vast response from Psychologists around the world…but her most impassioned has always been writing fiction. 

She had been writing stories and poems from her early childhood.

In the 1990s appeared her first novel in English; the provocative psychological thriller: “What’s the Truth?’’, which boldly explored the sensuality and brutality of new feminism. The novel, which has been republished several times, swells with suspense and intrigue in compelling men and women alike into an uncomfortable re-examination of their world, both themselves and each other, and also encouraged public awareness of what is called in Psychotherapy ‘’the battered wives syndrome’’. Based on research and working with battered wives, Krystyna has written a book that serves as a testament to women’s experience.

Now residing in London, Krystyna embraces her retirement, and enjoys travelling while also finding time visiting schools and nurturing fresh story ideas during her leisure time. She takes immense pride in accomplishing her goal of becoming a successful author.

Filled with joy and delight, her famous in bilingual, Polish- English societies around the world; ”Poems for my grand-daughter -Wierszyki dla mojej wnusi”- embody the beauty of rhyme and melody and aim to facilitate the learning of both Polish and English language at the same time.

Krystyna always enjoyed travelling and the outcome of her travels is the book; ”Secretes of My Teddy Bear”; a timeless tale inspired by a “true” story, based on an adventure Krystyna had with her faithful teddy bear, while travelling and cruising around the world. 

This book Krystyna hopes should stimulate children’s interest in knowing more about different countries, their cultures, art., and religion, which should help our future generations to live in peaceful cooperation, love, and respect for each other and Mother Earth.