”What’s the Truth?”

Natalie, a Polish psychotherapist, grows tired of her dull English husband and seeks a divorce. Haunted by her past and driven by forbidden desires, she embarks on a journey of sexual revenge and murder. Krystyna Stevenson’s provocative novel, “What’s the Truth?”, delves into the sensuality and brutality of the new feminism, challenging traditional norms and exploring the dark side of human instincts. This erotically charged psycho-thriller forces readers to re-examine their world and themselves as the lines between professional and sexual roles blur. The book is available from Amazon:

What’s the Truth?: Stevenson, Krystyna: 9781466973923: Books

Wierszyki dla mojej wnusi –Poems for my grand-daughter”

A selection of stories for children.

Filled with joy and delight, these exquisitely crafted poems embody the beauty or rhyme and melody. Originally composed in Polish, they were passionately created by Krystyna for their granddaughter, aiming to facilitate the learning of both Polish and English for bilingual children. Each poem is accompanied by an English translation, thoughtfully placed on the opposite page.

Dla Mojej Wnusi: Poems for My Grand-Daughter: Stevenson, Krystyna, Karbritz, Judy: 9780993363306: Books

”Secretes of my Teddy Bear” is a timeless tale inspired by a ‘true story’ based on adventure of Krystyna with her faithful teddy bear while travelling and cruising around the world. In this book. Krystyna hopes to stimulate children’s interest in knowing more about different countries, their cultures, art and religion, which should help out future generations to live in peaceful cooperation, love and respect for each other and the Mother Earth.

Available from Amazon: